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Chris & Dianna Brunner support their clients to SHINE at Life!
Using a range of simple tools and strategies, Chris and Dianna specialise in working with others to enable them to create the life they desire, in the areas of Emotional, Physical and Financial Well-being. Coming from a background of financial and personal counselling, business ownership and years of real life experience, Chris and Dianna aim to empower their clients to reach their personal goals and live a fulfilling and gratifying life.


Through our Shine at Life workshops, consultations and other media we share practical life-skills to improve:

  • Physical & emotional health
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Intimacy and connection
  • Family – values and patterns
  • Goal-setting & vision
  • Financial empowerment
  • Self-esteem
  • Stress management
  • Life balance
  • Personal empowerment
  • Purpose & direction
  • Time management



Shine at Business

Specialising in all aspects of business development and management, including:

  • Business coaching
  • Tax & accounting
  • Business health check
  • Financial management
  • Cashflow
  • Workshop/ seminar presentation
  • Farm succession planning
  • Business ancillary services network
  • Bookkeeping & budgets
  • Mastermind groups



Shine at Wealth

Make your money work for you, using our:

  • Financial Health Check
  • Personalise financial plan
  • Retirement planning
  • Superannuation management
  • Personal insurances
  • Wealth creation strategy
  • Savings and investment plans
  • Maximise Centrelink benefits
  • Repay home mortgage faster
  • Education funds
  • Estate planning
  • Asset protection



Shine at Health

Reclaim your vitality and great health using simple, natural, safe and effective methods:

  • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils
  • 100% natural products
  • Easily integrated into daily life
  • Physical & Emotional health
  • Body balance assessment
  • Aromatouch massage
  • Well-being mindset
  • Natural alternatives to medicines
  • Non-toxic household cleaning
  • Personal care products
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Environmentally-friendly



Shine at Property

Purchase property direct from the source in conjunction with Property Gold:

  • Investment properties
  • Residential property
  • Depreciation schedules to maximise tax deductibility
  • Wealth creation vehicle
  • Business sales & acquisitions